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Abandoned Places in Berlin, Brandenburg and Abroad

Small Abandoned Pump House next to the Spree River, Berlin Lichtenberg

I was going for a walk this Saturday and saw this abandoned-looking house next to the Spree. The door was open and I checked out the interior.

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Abandoned Heating Plant in Riga, Latvia

In early August, I had a week of vacation and spontaneously booked flights to in and a hotel in Riga. I didn’t really plan anything and didn’t know what to expect there, but it turned out to be a great decision. With Latvia‘s past with the USSR, I figured there would be a lot of old Soviet military bases, abandoned industrial buildings and the like, just like in East Germany/the former German Democratic Republic, and I thought it would be fun to spice up my trip to Riga with some urban exploration.

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GSSD Brand – Video Collection

I’ve been to GSSD Brand one more time for a special reason (there will probably be separate post on that), and made a bunch of videos while there. I filmed a couple of locations there, including abandoned hangars, several apartments, a swimming pool and the overgrown paths between all the abandoned buildings.

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GSSD Brand – Episode Two

This is part two of my exploration of GSSD Brand. Part one is here and part three (video of a bunker) is here. Make sure to check them out as well, although the order doesn’t really matter.

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GSSD Brand – Episode One

This is the first of three posts about my exploration of GSSD Brand. In the second part, I explore more living quarters, an airstrip, bunkers and more. Part three is a video of the bunker I discovered on my second visit to GSSD Brand.

GSSD Brand was a military base of the Soviet forces in East Germany. Read my short primer on the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany for a little background information. This GSSD location in particular was home to a fighter bomber regiment. The airstrip was initially built 1938 by the Luftwaffe (German Airforce). It consisted of only a few buildings and a grass airstrip. When the Soviets moved in, they demolished the existing buildings and built their own base on top, which included three airstrips, housings for soldiers and their families, a school and several storage bunkers (including one for nuclear weapons). After the Soviets abandoned the base, a company built a gigantic hangar on the northern airstrip, planning to build airships there. The airship business didn’t go too well though, and today the hangar is home to an indoor waterpark called Tropical Island.

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GSSD Brand – Bunker (Episode Three)

This is the third and last post about my exploration of GSSD Brand. The first two will follow soon. I’m publishing this part first because it’s only a video and didn’t need much editing and writing. The video of the bunker was the last thing I did on my last visit to GSSD Brand, which is why it’s part three here.

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Group of Soviet Forces in Germany

This is a meta-post. It’s not about a specific urban exploration trip (so no cool photos here, sorry about that), but is meant to provide historical background information relevant to some or many of the abandoned places I visited on wrote about here. I will keep it as short as possible, but provide links for further reading where appropriate.

Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, as the name says, were former Soviet military troops deployed on German territory, specifically East Germany, during the existence of the German Democratic Republic. Many of their military facilities still exist and lie abandoned in the forests of East Germany.

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